Dr Sandy Wung

Dr Sandy Wung


Hello, my name is Sandy I originated from Taiwan and moved to New Zealand at a very young age. Whilst in New Zealand I completed my Bachelor Degree of Chiropractic at NZCC (New Zealand College of Chiropractic).

I am constantly studying and learning new techniques to help you improve your quality of life, I not only address the symptoms but the cause as well, and get you on the path to wellness I look after everyone individually using my diverse training, various techniques and magical hands and smile.

Some techniques I use are:

The common Diversified manual adjusting that makes the “crack”, a sound produced when gas is released between joints.
If you do not like the “cracks” I also can use other techniques and ways that also have as effective results such as:

Activator is using the “clicky” tool and testing to help reach results. The use of blocks and gravity to help balance the hips/pelvis, and also work which helps with the motion and any tension in the Head. Considering the brain controls your whole body, it is essential to keep the brain happy and healthy. Anything outside the spine, I can check including shoulder, elbow, wrist, hips, knees, ankles and jaws. Some other techniques using the magic of muscle testing to help with various concerns and achieve results.

I love being a chiropractor and my main aim is to make sure my clients leave me well cared for and happy
So if you have any concerns such as headaches, tiredness and fatigue, any joint pain or discomfort, muscle aches, stiffness or weakness to name a few. Or any bloating, indigestion, constipation.
Come in and let me check it out, or if you are pain-free come in for a check up to make sure everything is working at their best.